Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish
Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish
Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish - Grey Swatch Dot
Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish - Inspirational Image
Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish - How-to Video

Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish


  • Gel Nails
  • Gel Polish
  • Grey
  • Hema Free
  • Pebble
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Introducing Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish - Discover Natural Beauty for Your Nails!

Elevate your nail aesthetic with Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish, a 12ml bottle of elegance that brings the serene essence of natural beauty to your fingertips. This health-conscious, Hema-free gel polish celebrates the subtle allure of a grey polish, transforming your nails into a canvas of tranquillity.


  • Hema-Free Formula
    Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish is crafted with a Hema-free formula, prioritising the health and strength of your nails without compromising on the quality of the colour.

  • 12ml Bottle
    Each bottle of Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish contains 12ml of refined grey goodness, ensuring you have an ample supply for numerous stunning nail applications.

  • Serene Gey Hue
    Embrace the tranquil, earthy charm of Pebble, a serene gey hue that complements any style or occasion, adding a touch of natural sophistication to your nails.

  • Effortless Two-Coat System
    Achieve perfect coverage with our easy two-coat application system, ensuring a flawless, professional finish each time you adorn your nails with Gelousy Pebble.

  • 60-Second Curing
    Our gel polish is meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to cure flawlessly in just 60 seconds when used with the Gelousy lamp, offering you a quick and efficient nail transformation process.

  • Uncompromised Quality
    Removing the Hema from our formula doesn’t compromise the superior quality and ease of application of Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish. You can trust that your nails will look stunning without any hassle.

Experience the Tranquility of Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish

Embrace the essence of natural beauty with Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish. It’s more than a nail colour; it’s a statement that reflects your appreciation for a serene and health-conscious lifestyle.

Order Now and Embrace Tranquility

For any queries or further information about Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish or any other product in our collection, please reach out to our sales team at We are dedicated to providing you with all the details you need to make your nail care experience exceptional.

Transform your nails with the calming elegance of Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish. Experience the beauty of a grey hue that reflects your natural sophistication. Order your bottle today and let your nails speak the language of serene beauty.

How-to Video

Discover how-to apply Gelousy Pebble Gel Polish

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