Gelousy Fern Gel Polish
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Gelousy Fern Gel Polish


  • Fern
  • Gel Nails
  • Gel Polish
  • Green
  • Hema Free
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Introducing Gelousy Fern Gel Polish – A Green Symphony for Health-Conscious Elegance!

Elevate your nail aesthetics with Gelousy Fern Gel Polish, a verdant masterpiece in a 12ml bottle. Immerse yourself in the lush, green beauty of Fern while embracing a health-conscious approach to nail care. Let your nails radiate elegance and vitality with this premium gel polish, expertly crafted for both style and well-being.


  • Vibrant Green Hue
    Gelousy Fern Gel Polish is a captivating shade of green that effortlessly complements any style, from everyday chic to special occasions. Embrace the rejuvenating energy of nature right at your fingertips.

  • Hema-Free Formulation
    Prioritise the health of your nails. Gelousy Fern Gel Polish is meticulously crafted with a Hema-free formula, ensuring that your nails stay strong and vibrant without compromising on style.

  • Two-Coat System
    Experience the simplicity of perfection. Achieve flawless coverage with just two coats, saving you time and effort while ensuring your nails boast a professional finish every time.

  • Versatile Colour Palette
    Explore a diverse spectrum of colours within the Gelousy collection. From serene nudes to bold reds, Gelousy offers an array of shades to suit every mood and occasion, providing endless possibilities for self-expression.

  • Effortless Curing
    Say farewell to waiting. Our Fern Gel Polish cures seamlessly in just 60 seconds when paired with our recommended lamp. Revel in the convenience of quick and efficient nail beautification.

  • Health-Focused Application
    Removing Fern Gel Polish is a breeze, and rest assured, it won't compromise the quality or application process. Maintain the integrity of your nails while enjoying the stunning results of this premium gel polish.

Embrace the Beauty

With Gelousy Fern Gel Polish, you're not just adorning your nails; you're making a statement. This shade embodies sophistication, freshness, and a commitment to health-conscious beauty. The vibrant green hue adds a touch of nature to your fingertips, creating a look that's both timeless and on-trend.

Order Now

Ready to infuse your nails with the enchanting allure of Gelousy Fern Gel Polish? Elevate your nail care routine with a touch of nature's brilliance. Order your 12ml bottle today and experience the perfect blend of style and well-being.

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Have questions or need more information? Reach out to our dedicated sales team at We're here to assist you on your journey to healthier, more beautiful nails. Embrace the beauty of Gelousy Fern Gel Polish and let your nails flourish in style.

How-to Video

Discover how-to apply Gelousy Fern Gel Polish


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